Build hyper performance xAPI learning telemetry solutions

Forward your LRS or plug in your xAPI providers directly and start querying from structured GraphQL immediately.

Resolve complex xAPI nested structures without over-fetching.

Use GraphQL subscriptions to push resolved learning business logic to screens and integrating platforms.

Produce a composite schema pattern by extending the Meta xAPI schema into your existing learning and ERM / ERP repositories and other GraphQL schemas.

Perform data mutations on arriving statements by connecting in new serverless or existing integration points.

Trigger custom serverless, iPasS or existing ERM / ERP actions.

Schedule Cron jobs business logic to clean-up, mutate or batch into your enterprise data processes.

Perform timeseries predictive analytics to forecast trends and produce internal, or self regulating, best practice learning models.

Produce experiences and consume the schema with pub / sub support from the VR Unity engine learning and analysis application.

Builder Meta xAPI

Shared tenant only limited by throughput and storage. Good for experimenters and pioneers.

Enterprise Meta xAPI

Private cloud deployment with no limits and predictive analytics. Good for business change leaders.

Meta xAPI Partners

Meta xAPI is developed by Globebyte, learning technology and cloud experts